What Are The Best Total Kill Herbicides That Work in Your Area?

To really answer that question you have to look at 2 different facts.

1) Some active ingredients in total kill herbicides like bromacil, Prometon, different variations of glyphosate to name a few, will work in different areas better than others. The reason for that is weeds will get resistant to these ingredients over time much like bacteria and antibiotics in the human body.

So then sometimes it takes trial and error to find the one that will work best in your area.

2) As time goes on many states in the USA are banning these active ingredients because they are leaching into the ground drinking water and other environmental problems.

So then your choice is a simple one. Choose a total kill herbicide that can be used in your state (listed in the product description). Then also choose one that you think will work and kill all the weeds in your area.

This might mean that you might have to look at organic weed killers like Avenger Organic Weed Killers.

Below are the categories of Total kill and organic herbicides to choose from.

total kill herbicides

Here is a breakdown of the total kill herbicides available:


Banish is a water-based, non-selective, total kill herbicide with residual control.
It is strong enough to eliminate hard-to-kill weeds, and can be used for customized jobs. By going to work to destroy the plant from the roots up, Banish provides long-term, full-season root kill.

Non-Selective Herbicide With Year-Long Residual Control:

• Railroads
• Tank Farms
• Pipelines right-of-ways
• Highways
• Lumber Yards
• Storage Areas
• Fencerows
• Industrial Site
• Parking Lots
Effective Total Kill Herbicide For Use On Non-Crop Areas:
• Annual Weeds
• Perennial Weeds
• Grasses

Features and Benefits
• Use to control undesirable woody plants and brush
• Long-lasting residual action
• Highly dilutable formula
• Low odor formula


Granular Non-Selective Herbicide With Year Long Residual Control: A granular, non-selective herbicide and weed killer that kills a wide range of annual and perennial weeds and grasses.

Pre-Pave and Pre-grading granular total weed killer!
It offers a total kill of weeds and grasses with long-lasting residual action, It is only recommended for: non-cropland areas away from residential/recreational areas and desired woods, brush and foliage. Long lasting residual action contains 4% Bromacil easy to spread granules.

Recommended for use only on non-cropland areas Apply product using a seed spreader, fertilizer spreader, shaker type application or any equipment, which will distribute this product over the area to be treated.


Product Description
Barren RTU Total Kill is “READY TO USE” and does NOT require dilution. Use in any sprayer/applicator. It not only eliminates vegetation, but also prevents it from growing back. When properly applied, it prevents re-growth for multiple seasons Coverage is approximately 1,000 square feet per gallon.Coverage will vary depending on many factors including soil composition and types of vegetation. * Non-selective, total kill herbicide with residual action. * Ready-to-use formula contains Bromacil and a low volatile ester of 2,4-D. * Use on fence rows, parking lots, around buildings, loading ramps, storage yards, tank farms, along pipelines, industrial plant sites. Directions Complete directions on product label. Barren RTU Total Kill is one of the most effective soil sterilants available.


TK-10 is a Long Lasting total vegetation killer and ground sterilant. Contains 3.73% Prometon, and is dilutable 1:10 with water. Recommended for non-cropland areas. Will kill all vegetation sprayed on, and sterilize the ground to prevent regrowth. Perfect for: parking lots, fence rows, building edges, petroleum containment areas, sidewalks, etc Coverage is approximately 1,000 square feet per concentrated gallon. Coverage will vary depending on many factors including soil composition and types of vegetation. All directions are on the label.