Total Kill Herbicides

Ok so here is your problem. You have weeds everywhere. Around building structures, fence lines, ditches, open areas with undesirable vegetation.

You probably already tried Round up and Ortho only to find out that everything and I mean EVERYTHING grows only this time bigger and bushier.

If there was only an herbicide that could kill everything and keep it down for at least a year!

Luckily there is an industrial brand that they use in industrial parks, Oil and Gas companies, places where they have millions of acres where they have to control the weeds.

That herbicide is called BANISH;

Banish is a water-based, non-selective, total kill herbicide with residual control. It is strong enough to eliminate hard-to-kill weeds, and can be used for special jobs. For use in areas where you would want a non-selective herbicide with year-long residual control: non cropland areas, railroad rights-of-way, fence rows, around buildings, loading ramps, storage yards, industrial sites, parking lots, tank farms and more.

Go call the folks over at they are very friendly and will answer your questions about your particular weed problem and any concerns you may have. the number is 800-840-0947.

I ordered it from there website

The link for Banish is here Total Kill Herbicides

Problem solved.

Now I can relax and take it easy.